A guidance of multi-lane stick packaging machine

vffs faq
1)Range of liquid filling: If it exceeds the machine’s standard range, custom metering devices are necessary.
2)Fluidity of the liquid: Different fluid characteristics determine the type of pump required. Common pumps include piston pumps, peristaltic pumps, and rotary pumps.
3)pH of the liquid: For corrosive liquids from you, special attention is required, including customized treatment such as upgrading contact parts to SS316.
Nitrogen flushing device:Apply for Nitrogen flushing and maintain low residual oxygen
1)In the double-layer discharge hopper, the inner layer functions as a nitrogen dispensing pipe. After the filling process, nitrogen flows from the nitrogen pipe into the bag.
2)The forming tube is filled with nitrogen.
3)This setup enables preservation and anti-breakage functionalities.
For materials containing sugar, vertical sealing cooling device prevents melting and clumping.
If your granular or powder material is prone to dusting, it is advisable to install an anti-static device. This can significantly reduce material adhesion in the sealing area, thereby achieving better sealing effectiveness.
1)Based on the packaging speed required by you.
2)Analyzing yours bag size requirements in conjunction with the machine’s maximum film width.
Continuous – dust removal and recycle device
Apply for dust continuously removal and manually recycle of the material into the hopper
Intermittent – dust removal and recycle device
1)Apply for dust removal and recycle of powder materials.
2)Only intermittently vacuum after filling to ensure that the filling accuracy is not affected as much as possible.
3)Recycle frequency can be set automatically
Intermittent dust collection occurs after material discharge is complete, automatically recovering powder back into the bin.
Continuous dust collection happens throughout the material discharge process, requiring manual transfer of recovered powder back into the bin.
Residue can occur due to liquid splashing during filling. Using filling nozzles with vertical movement can minimize residue as much as possible.
Yes, the printing position can be adjusted. The number of printers needed should match the number of lanes on the machine.

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