Coffee Sachet Stick Packaging Solutions

Coffee stick sachet packaging solutions for coffee powder, brew coffee liquid

At present, coffee products are packaged in sticks or sachets, mainly instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee (powder or granule), and coffee liquid.

The packaging of instant coffee

The most common form of packaging for instant coffee is back seal sticks, followed by 3-side sealed and 4-side sealed sachets.

1. The secondary packaging has various forms and beautiful effects.
Like being packaged with the horizontal flow packing machine, packaged into the carton or  premade bag.

2. The required film will be less, the cost will be less.
In the back seal stick packing machine in the process of forming stick, the complete film will be vertically spitting into serveral  parts, to form each lane of sticks. There is will not waste film.

However, considering that the 4-side seal sachet will bulge after the filling, the actual film width will be wider than that of the sachet. Therefore, extra film width should be set aside to prevent the film from being drawn and offset after expansion.

Next, we will introduce our hot-selling back seal stick packing machine.

  • Configured with servo augers for powder dosing
  • Speed: 20-45 sticks/lane/min
  • CNC processes forming tubes

The Packaging of Freeze dried coffee granules

Instead of getting blocks of freeze-dried coffee, grinding it into powder and selling it, some producers break it into granules. In order for granular freeze-dried coffee to be easily poured out of bags, it needs a bag with a bigger mouth, such as three-side sealed and four-side sealed sachets.

  • Configured with volumetic cups for granules dosing
  • Speed: 35-60 sachets/lane/min
  • Irregular shaped sachet punching
  • Configured with volumetic cups for granules dosing
  • Speed: 30-60 sticks/lane/min
  • Film edge trimming and collecting

The packaging of brew coffee liquid

This is a very popular product in recent years.
By long periods of high pressure cold brew, the ground coffee is exposed to water, then highly concentrated, quickly sterilized and filled.
This process fully preserves the aroma and flavor of the coffee, neutralizes the acidity and bitterness, and creates a softer taste when drinking. When preparing coffee, there is no need for a spoon or stirring stick like coffee powder, which is more convenient.

Coffee liquid packaging is basically back seal sticks and three-side sealed sachets with special-shaped sealed, and bottle shaped sachets.

  • Speed: 35-60 sachets/lane/min
  • Max lanes: Customized
  • with irregular shape punching, it could form irregular shaped sachet
  • Speed: 20-45 sticks/lane/min
  • Max lanes: Customized
  • with irregular shape punching, it could form irregular shaped stick

Flexible Bag Formats VFFS Packaging Machine

  • Speed: 40-90 bags/lane/min
  • Max lanes: 4 lanes
  • Through the bag former changeover, it applys for the packaging of various bag formats, like back seal stick, 3-side/4-side seal sachet, irregular sachet, etc.
  • With 4 separate controlling systems, 4 lanes could work individually, to form different bag formats.

If you want to know more about coffee liquid sticks/sachets packaging machines, spout pouch filling and capping machine, bottle filling machine, etc., you can contact us directly. We will introduce you the most suitable machine according to your requirements.

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