Honey Stick/Sachet Packcaging Machines

Honey stick sachet packaging solution

Honey, rich in vitamins, mineral elements, various enzymes, etc., is easy for the human body to absorb. Therefore, as a nutritious natural nourishment, honey is also one of the most commonly used health products.

Tips for Packaging Honey

Temperature controling of packaging

Under normal temperature and pressure, honey is usually in a semi-liquid state.
When packaging honey, we usually classify honey packaging as a type of liquid packaging.

However, what we need to pay attention to is that if the temperature of the packaged honey is low, honey will cause a certain crystallization phenomenon, which will increase the difficulty of honey packaging.

Meanwhile, in order to maintain the activity of the active enzymes in honey, the temperature must be controlled below 60°C.

Then our double jacket heat insulation hopper plays a key role at that time. It can make honey maintain good fluidity at a suitable filling temperature, which is beneficial to filling.

Packaging formats of honey

Widely used packaging forms for honey, mainly:
Jars, bottles, squeeze bottles, back seal stick, four side seal sachet, three-side sealed sachet, etc. Of course, there are still relatively new ones, like the card-folded packaging.

For now, stick or sachet packaging is the most popular.
stick packaging, small amount, can be carried anywhere, not as fragile as a jar, or become a burden when carrying it. And the stick/sachet packaging does not need to be opened repeatedly, and the honey can be better preserved.

Back Seal Stick Packing Machine

Packaging Speed : 20-45 sachets/minutes / Lane

Two Types of 4-sealed side sachet packing machines

4-side sachet packing machine for liquid packaging

Packaging Speed : 30-60 sachets/minutes / Lane

Model 157 liquid sachet form fill packaging machine

Packaging Speed : 35-45 sachets/minutes / Lane

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