SC002-4-lane back seal powder packing machine



Project Profile

  1. Project Code: CSC1455
  2. Project Location: Italy
  3. Stick type: Back seal stick
  4. Product type: Powder(need to adapt to various types of powder)
  5. Weighting range: 4-8g
  6. Sachet size: 35*140mm(max stick length up to 180-200mm)
  7. Cut style: Zigzag cut

This is a 4 lanes back seal stick packing machine for powder, with counting belt and duct collecting system.


MORE Details

Dust collecting

Fine powder, very dusty. A vacuuming dust collecting system is required. Add an additional dust collection system.
Double layer tubes vacuum system, product collection can be automatically cycled, re-entering the filling process.
Dust collecting

Date printing

1. Vertical or horizontal print.
2. The Max width of the printing area is 12.7mm; the Length is adjustable.
3. There are no limits on the number of rows and columns.
4. Can print any number, letter, symbol, or even QR code within this area.

Date printing

Horizontal seal

2 times of horizontal seal ensure better sealing effect

Horizontal seal

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