SC003-Capsule Counting+VFFS Bagging System

Successful Case-Capsule Counting+VFFS Bagging System

Project Profile:

1. Project No. : CSC2516
2. Country: Hungary
3. Project Introduction: Capsule Counting+VFFS Bagging System
4. Material:Soft gel, Capsule, Tablet
5. Machine Name: Photoelectric Counting and Filling Machine+VFFS machine+Bucket Conveyor
6. Packaging Form: 3-Side Seal Sachet
VFFS machine
Photoelectric Counting and Filling Machine
Soft gel, Capsule, Tablet


  1. 10 Different soft gels, capsules, and tablets in 1 bag.
  2. Low System Height
The hopper height at 1625mm for our counting machine is ergonomically designed, ensuring easy manual material loading below the average sightline. This smart solution minimizes costs associated with material-feeding conveyor systems.
Photoelectric Counting and Filling Machine
TEST Videos:

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Some machine details are as follows

machine details1
machine details
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