Commercial Questions, FAQs

Things to know before buying a machine

We can understand your concerns about cross-border trade. For the quality of the machine, we have the following methods for your reference:
1. Certificate.
If there is a certificate for this series of machines, we can share it with you for confirmation.
2. Contact information of our previous clients.
Although their machines purchased may be different from the machine you need, you can learn about our service and machine quality.
3. Local customer visits.
If we have typical projects near you, you could even have a field visit to see the machine.
4. Visiting our factory.
We welcome your arrival, which will be more conducive to building trust between us.

Currently, we prefer EXW, FCA, and CIF terms for our contracts.
Under FOB terms, there is a risk of unexpected fees or export-related risks when the customer specifies a freight forwarder.
This is something that we cannot accept.

Typically it is recommend using EXW terms for the contracts.
After the machine production is complete, we will inquire about shipping costs based on the packaging dimensions.
You may choose to use our transportation services or use a freight forwarder that you are familiar with for export.

Our company will prepare the necessary export customs clearance documents.

  1. Standard production time is 45 working days.
    The actual delivery time needs to be verified according to the production schedule of the factory and the actual project background, such as whether it is a special customized or a full production line, etc.
  2. The actual delivery time will be informed to you after verifying the factory production schedule and your actual project background.
    If your project is designed to be customized or the whole line, the production time will be longer than the standard time. We will try our best to deliver in advance within the delivery time.
  3. Urgent order arrangement:
    Every month, we have 1 chance for urgent order coordination. But to ensure the production smoothly, we suggest leaving as much time as possible for the delivery.

We have listed the characteristics of shipping by sea, air and railway, please choose according to your needs.

  • By Sea
    Shipping by sea will be the cheapest way, but it will take a long time. Usually, it is around 30 days after departure.
    Headquartered in Wuhan. According to the material supply chain, there are branches and warehouses in Wenzhou, Guangzhou and Foshan. According to the model of the machine, we will suggest the loading port nearest to the customer, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai ports.
  • By Rail
    Rail transportation is for countries along the China-Europe Express, such as Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and so on. For countries along the railway, it is faster than sea transportation. It usually takes about 15 days.
  • By Air

    This is the fastest method. But the cost will be much higher.
    What’s more, there are some typical requirements for shipment items. Our touch screens are liquid crystal displays (LCD) and cannot be shipped by air. It will be sent separately by express.

    According to your requirements, relevant machine size and other actual conditions, we will provide you with transportation suggestions.

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