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To get a suitable solution, what information should I provide?

We have various types of machines to suit different packing formats, speeds, and products, with different sachet sizes.
There are different models for each type, with different applicable ranges.

With the information below, we will select a suitable machine to satisfy your demands.

  • Packing products, such as powder, liquid, granules, tablets, gels, etc.
  • Pictures of your packaging form, such as back seal stick, 3 or 4 sides seal sachet, carton, bag, etc.
  • Dimensions of your packaging form, such as sachet size, dimension of factory space, etc.
  • Expected speed

Those are the basic project details we need to know.

Of course, if you have other project requirements, such as printing, tear notch style and so on, we can further discuss in detail.

The more details you provide, the more appropriate the machine you will get.

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